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New Look for the Connect the Dots Podcast

It's been 10 months since I published my last episode, Episode 100, of Connect the Dots. Now, it's time to relaunch!

One of the things I noticed as more and more podcasts hit the apps was that the cover design was more descriptive - and their podcast name reflects the topics and discussions - each is more succinct and more direct like these that I've been a guest on.

My initial thought was to change the name but then realized how people associate me with Connect the Dots and vice versa. Sce it's not a top, recognized podcast, it's best to keep the name.

But there is something I CAN do - and that's add Marketing and Sales to the cover.

I also considered changing the color from RED to BLUE but when you glance through other podcasts in the same category, RED still stands out the most. So, I'm keeping the name and color - just updating the photo and design.

Here is the final design! Better, worse or meh? Let me know in the comments! To see the original cover, go here?


The next episode will launch Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. EST. To quickly find it on any podcast app, search CONNECT THE DOTS VICKI and subscribe so you don't miss any episodes.

Got questions or interested in a particular topic? Leave a message below or email me at vicki at vickioneill dot com and put CTD in the subject line so I can prioritize a response to you.


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