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Episode 90:  Summary of Episodes 76 - 89

Show Notes and Related Links 

I challenged myself to review each of the past ~15 episodes in under one minute each. Did I do it? Listen and find out!​ 

I review the following topics:

  • Prospecting vs. Marketing [Ep 76]

  • Repurposing Content: How to and Examples [Ep 77]

  • Get Yourself a New Map (Tommy Boy movie reference) [Ep 78]

  • 5 Sales Tips to Create Engagement [Ep 79]

  • How Effective is Your Marketing (Take the Quiz and find out) [Ep 80]

  • Shed Self-Limiting Beliefs and 'Unlock Yourself' with guest Author, Eddie Thomason [Ep 81]

  • Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation: Which is better? [Ep 82]

  • 5 Marketing Strategies for Sales Teams that Don't Have Marketing Support [Ep 83]

  • How Marketing Contributes to Customer Retention with guest Megan Heuer [Ep 84]

  • Marketing and The Problem You Solve [Ep 85]

  • 5 Characteristics for High Converting Marketing Content [Ep 86]

  • Poll for the Perception of Marketing Effectiveness (LinkedIn Poll) [Ep 87]

  • Marketing Lifecycle vs. Sales Funnel [Ep 88]

  • 7 Marketing Mistakes that Kill Business [Ep 89]

Also, do you like the new summary format? Let me know in the comments below!

To access all the episode mentioned, you can go to and navigate to episode #76 or click here and go directly to the first episode I reviewed.

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Subscribe and listen to each episode for details as I finalize what those are. 

The marketing resources mentioned each episode can be found in the show notes for each separate podcast episode.

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