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Episode 81: 

Eddie Thomason, Professional Speaker and Author who helps young adults shed self-limiting beliefs so they can pursue a life they are passionate about.

Show Notes:

Referrals and LinkedIn have been the two biggest sources of marketing his personal brand which has lead Eddie Thomason to connect with schools, universities and even CEOs for his coaching program. 

Listen to this episode to hear from Eddie on the following: 

1- His personal story that what inspired him to lead this journey

2- The 3 choices he had when he was in high school and which one he chose

3- The legacy he wants to leave for his family

4- How he helps CEOs with employee retention

5- Why he wrote his book Unlock Yourself and is starting a podcast Curse Breakers (launches 7/24/20!)

Hear what pivotal moment​ helped Eddie decide how he wanted to help people - and the moment that changed the trajectory of his life. 


Eddie was born in Baltimore, MD into a family that has struggled with poverty for generations. 

Despite his humble beginnings, Eddie rose above his circumstances to become the first student to ever earn a D1 scholarship in the history of Chesapeake High School – BC. That led to him being the first male in his family to graduate from college when he earned his Bachelors in Business from Bryant University. 

Eddie is a professional speaker with a passion to empower youth and young adults to shed self-limiting beliefs to pursue a life that they’re passionate about living.

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To connect with Eddie:


LinkedIn: Eddie Thomason

Instagram @eddiethomason_

Facebook: @thomasoneddie

YouTube: Eddie Thomason

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Vicki O'Neill is a fractional CMO in Ohio with over 20 years of marketing leadership experience. In 2011, she founded KenKay Marketing, a marketing solutions company. Vicki is host of Connect the Dots a marketing and customer journey educational podcast for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. She launched with her Gen Z daughters a new podcast, The Power of 3X, to help individuals understand the youngest consumer group. You will find Vicki on social media platforms, mostly on LinkedIn and Twitter.. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for weekly LIVE streaming events around marketing topics and Q&As.

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