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This is Episode #150 of this SPECIAL SERIES of Connect the Dots.

I collaborate with Theresa Francomacaro Business Storyteller and Executive Coach to discuss how storytelling plays a part in video and marketing. In part 5 of 5 we review the series, the results and what's next for Theresa and Why Story Works.

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Connect the Dots Podcast hosted by Vicki O'Neill

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Episode #150 - Part 5 in a 5-Part Series with Theresa Francomacaro

Vicki O'Neill collaborates with Theresa Francomacaro in this special 5-part series of Connect the Dots. Theresa is a Seattle, Washington-based Business Storyteller and Executive Coach. In Part 5, we discuss the results of the marketing audit, the series and what's next for Theresa and Why Story Works. Overall, this was a great experience. To listen to parts 1-4, click the links below in the show notes - all are listed separately with the title of each.  

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If you prefer watching the interview, you can view the video here:

Show Notes

In Part 5 of this 5-part series, Theresa and I review the series overall as well as the results from the Part 2 Marketing Audit.

Roses - either beautiful or thorny. 


Results aren't always what we expected. 


Stories often times take you through multiple or all 


Goals weren't achieved


3 events within 2 weeks - scattered focus results in not achieving goals.


30 days vs 90 days needed to really see the results. 


Look at the behaviors that are going to help achieve goals - Linkedin posts, blog articles, Linkedin DMs, emails, phone calls, etc.

Mindset shifts - inspect What You Respect (website, CTAs, keywords, verbiage) 

Stories evolve over time just like a website does.

Comes down to listening - you can't relate to someone or share a relatable story if you aren't listening

Video is the way to go! - Another Business BS to add to the list :)

Invest in yourself and invest in your story. That story can propel you into the work you want and life you want. 

The Chunk Outline Structure:

  • Grabber – 10-20 seconds

Overview of the meat of the story:

  • How -  20 seconds

  • What – 60 seconds

  • Why does it matter – 20 seconds

  • Your story is your differentiator – let’s you be heard and creates stickiness in the sea of sameness.


It’s not always just what you say but how you say it.                   


Theresa reviews how you can use these techniques if you’re a blogger or writer. These story arcs and chunk outline work for all situations.

How to Contact and Work With Theresa:


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First Podcast Appearance Ep #91

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2-Minute Stories and the Chunk Outline

Story Starts and Business B.S. 

Download to access 50 key questions to help clarify and craft your story plus 50 catchy and memorable Business 'Bumper Stickers'

Complimentary 20-minute coaching session with Theresa Francomacaro

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All Episodes

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All episodes including the HIGHLIGHT episodes can be accessed by clicking the image to the left or below which was used for episodes 1-100. 

After episode 100 I needed to take time away from creating content for the podcast. When I resumed, I played 'catch up' in Q4 2021 by repurposing popular YouTube videos as podcast episodes. 

In January 2022, I simplified and structured my content creation so that my weekly video was my starting point for video, podcast and blog. It's SO much easier now with this process in place. This is part of what I coach established, savvy entrepreneurs and business owners on which saves them time, eases anxiety associated with 'what should I post today?' and actually creates MORE time in their schedules to focus on the things they love. You want to do the same in your business? 

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