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Episode 54: 

Zev Asch, President Ledaza Marketing

Show Notes:

Zev Asch, Founder of Ledaza Marketing - ABOUT

For most of my life I watched my dad work from 5 am to 8 pm each day. He always told me that if you work hard and serve your customers you will do well. His words resonate with me every day as I watch frustrated small business owners, tempted and burnt by hacks and tips, continue a desperate search for a "hail Mary marketing pass" that will make a difference. “We’ve tried it -it doesn’t work," "it will take more time and more money," "I'm continuously increasing my marketing budget yet get lackluster results." - Sounds familiar? How about minimal engagements on social media, no conversions, and high bounce rates on your website?

Guaranteed shortcuts don't exist. Hard work combined with experienced smart marketing will grow your business.

Any marketing 'guru' can send spammy emails, few have real experience in running a business. I spent my entire career in 'the trenches of small business' working for owners like you. I understand what it's like to maximize a modest budget and I have successfully grown multiple companies. Utilizing a combination of solid academic credentials (Psychology, MBA Marketing, Marketing Professor Touro Grad School of Business) and invaluable hands-on streetsmart experience allows me to make a difference.

Ineffective marketing wipes your hard-earned profits! Over-reliance on word-of-mouth referrals does not deliver sustainable long term growth - that can only come from a continuous stream of new customers.

I work on a retainer (best ROI) or on a project basis - - Why pay a high salary to an in-house marketing executive and add a marketing budget on top of that? My team and I will run your day-to-day marketing on average at less than half that cost. This frees up cash for us to execute smart marketing.

Take my self-marketing assessment here: Then, book a free consultation session for us to review the results and see if we're a good fit. 

Zev Asch on LinkedIn

Ledaza Marketing.

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