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Episode 1:  Introduction to the Podcast

From this episode:


My goals for this podcast:

  1. Provide insight

  2. Share experiences of mine and those of my guests that will provide value to you and your goals

  3. Give you practical and actionable tips that you can use after the episode

  4. Guidance into why marketing and sales alignment is important

  5. HOW to create alignment between marketing and sales

Topic examples reviewed on this podcast:

  1. 5 Steps for how Marketing and Sales can influence the entire customer experience

  2. How to find your target audience

  3. Creating the Customer Personas. Together.

  4. 10 Steps to a better, more tightly aligned marketing and sales team that drives results and increases customer retention

  5. How to drive sales on Instagram using these 3 marketing strategies


I'll share documents mentioned on the podcast that you can use after listening to the episode. Links to documents will be included in the "Show Notes" section of the episode page on my website (see below links from this one!)

Who this podcast is for:

  • If you are a Marketing and/or Sales professional

  • If you want new strategies that better align your craft with the other team

  • If you lead a team of marketing and sales professionals 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Inside Sales

  • Outside Sales

  • Customer Engagement

  • Customer Experience Development

  • Marketing Technology

  • Business Strategy

  • Any combination of these!

  • Industry agnostic!

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Show Notes:

Ep. 1:  550,000 active podcasts statistic, Podcast Statistics, Source:  Nielsen and Edison via MusicOomph 

Ep. 1:  Hubspot stats:  "Prospecting is the  most difficult part of the sales process for salespeople" (Under Sales, 2nd bullet, 2018) "4 in 10 reps have recently closed 2-5 deals due to social media" (Under Social Selling, 3rd bullet, 2018)

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