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Episode 56: 

Louisa van Vessem, Business Consultant at Workflow Virtual

Show Notes:

Louisa van Vessem is a Business Consultant at Workflow Virtual


I love to partner with clients to work with them on their strategic and operational needs.


Since launching in 2017, my business has evolved massively, and I have realized what my key strengths are to other business owners. 

  1. My honesty – sometimes it is a little brutal, but it is constructive, and clients find this refreshing.

  2. My expertise – my ability to instinctively know what works for my clients due to my own knowledge and experience gained in the corporate and SME sectors.

  3. My eye for detail – I instantly spot inconsistencies and alignment issues and I will often dig into the detail, asking lots of questions to make sure nothing is missed or forgotten about.


My background is in management, leadership, HR, recruitment, analysis, process management and not forgetting executive assistance.  From having such a variety of experiences and skill sets, I have found it really appeals to clients because it means I know quite a lot and I am able to offer different perspectives and new ideas.


The services I offer include business consultancy, bespoke mentoring and VA support and in many ways, my business has become a one-stop-shop for people.  The work could include anything from brainstorming of ideas, reviewing and auditing of processes, website and social media audits, competitor analysis, PA support, or LinkedIn mentoring.


Most days though, you will find me on LinkedIn, it’s my favorite platform and I love to engage with people on there.  There are so many reasons why I love it from the relationships I have built with people, to what I have learnt, the thought-provoking content and of course, the business I have gained.


FYI:  Workflow Virtual will be the strategic and mentoring side of the business. WorkflowVA is the virtual assistant (VA) side of the business.

Connect with Louisa:






New website not yet launched:

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