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Episode 94:  13 Marketing Tips For Every Business Leader 

Show Notes and Related Links 

With the emotional roller coaster of 2020, we're all likely just trying to stabilize our business again so we can focus on growth strategies. 

Growth strategies? Right now? Yes, now is the time to think about growing your business. The research and thoughts and planning will help foster the path from where you are today to where you need to be to grow tomorrow. 


In this episode I review 13 marketing tips that every business leader needs to know to implement an effective marketing strategy and focus on growth initiatives.  

  1. Identify your ideal buying customers [more in this podcast episode]

  2. Track your site analytics with Google Analytics 

  3. Consider a coach or consultant for the areas of your business where it's not your strength

  4. Boost organic rankings with SEO [watch this video on using ubersuggest for SEO]

  5. Experiment with photos and videos

  6. Hire a marketing or business growth strategist to scale your content and revenue [apply here]

  7. Build organic marketing traffic

  8. Consider paid marketing for specific purposes (if the budget allows for this) [3 pros and 3 cons video]

  9. Use social media for customer service

  10. Plan an email marketing strategy

  11. Offer a free webinar

  12. Encourage happy customers to share their experiences [article on how to use user generated content]

  13. Try new marketing experiments [additional video resource]

Below are the marketing resources I mentioned in this episode of Connect the Dots:

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Vicki O'Neill is a fractional CMO in Ohio with over 20 years of marketing leadership experience. She founded KenKay Marketing, a marketing solutions company, in 2011. Vicki hosts Connect the Dots a marketing and sales educational podcast for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. She recently launched a new podcast, The Power of 3X, with her Gen Z daughters to give people a resource to learn about our youngest generation. You will find Vicki on most social media platforms (icons in the footer) but you'll find her most active on LinkedIn. Receive weekly insights, tips, how-to's in your inbox by subscribing here.

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