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Episode 34: 

Jules White, Sales Coach, TEDx Speaker, Author of Live It. Love It. Sell It.

Show Notes:

About Jules

Jules White is an International Sales Coach with over 30 years of business and sales experience. Her ‘Live it Love it Sell it’ methodology helps passionate entrepreneurs and businesses get clarity on their ‘why’ and learn how to sell in an authentic human way that creates amazing results without the need for pushy sales techniques or any questionable tactics.


She brings great experience with her talks having won investment in the Dragons’ Den from Peter Jones for her business ‘Truly Madly Baby’ - the reason she is known as the ‘real dragon slayer!’


She is a regular public speaker covering sales, business and life subjects and her TEDx talk, to 1500 people at Europe’s biggest TEDx in Brighton this year, focused on there being ‘no such word as can’t’. Inspiring everyone to know that you can do whatever you want to. A legacy given to her by her father who she lost in 2015.


Jules hosts a regular podcast called ‘The Human Conversation’ which is on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud, and her first book was published on October 1st 2018… Live It, Love It, Sell It, which highlights the three main areas she believes are integral to successful sales (and therefore to building a profitable business). This book draws on both her passion for selling and her love of human conversation, as well as years of experience in both corporate sales and as an entrepreneur.


Jules’ ultimate aim is to make sure everyone falls in love with sales because life skills are sales skills!

How do you help people fall in love with sales?

The Live it. Love it. Sell it. methodology is like a journey – or like a sales road trip.


Live it is about your mindset. Are you fit to travel? If you can’t travel that sales journey, there’s no point in trying to sell.

Love it is about planting the root. Have to do it or we won’t reach our destination. Who’s the ideal client? Why do we do what we do? Why do they want what we sell? Connecting all of the dots.

Sell it is about traveling the journey. You’re ready and you’re set so travel to get to the destination which is ultimately the sale.

Sales is the heart of any business. It’s a dirty word for some people. It triggers you and you’re scared and it feels a bit horrible. Possibly from an experience you’ve had. Realize that life skills are sales skills. We sell every day. We’ve been selling since we were children. Children are the best negotiators in the world. They have no fear and they know what they want and they set out to get it. Life skills are very much are the skills we use naturally when we sell. That makes it much more human and unique.


Fear of rejection, fear of being pushy, all those stereotypical things that go when you’ve met that really bad salesperson. That’s where it comes from. Jules wants to debunk that. Bust the myths around it. And help people really get in tune with who they really are an d have that human conversation which makes it so much easier to sell. We connect and makes it so much easier. It’s lovely really.


It’s about asking questions. The buyer being able to ask questions. The seller ask questions so they can dig deep and step into the world into the buyer. What we do is dip our toe. We ask a few questions that we think are OK. And we think we know enough. If we immerse ourselves a bit more, we really do start to connect with the emotional side of the buyer. That’s when the magic happens.


If you go to meet a new friend for coffee for the first time – in life. Think about that process. You aren’t just going to talk to them – here’s what we’re going to do, I’m going to find out about you, then I’m going to tell you about me, then we’re going to see if there’s something I have that you want. We just don’t do that. I encourage people to have a coffee with their friend like they would in real life.


How do you go about marketing yourself to get your ideal customers?

She’s quite spontaneous and it comes from the heart. Thinks about those core subjects that we worry about or get scared about. Often times it’s around storytelling. Her only experience or a client’s experience with stories those are the things that have the most impact. Her social media posts are more related to storytelling of some sort.


The connection, the emotional side of it. The fact that you resonate with stories. Most of us have had stories told to us since we were small children. It’s a nice place, it’s a warm place and it’s comfortable. There’s a lot of psychology around storytelling. But equally it’s the powerful of knowing someone truly understands where you’re at. That’s the other thing that stories do for us.


In larger corporations, they are more fearful of telling stories. Some think it’s a bit woo woo, it’s not very professional to start telling stories. It’s actually one of the most powerful things you have as a sales person.


In the UK, it’s the same story It’s the phrase we have in the UK: “We’ve always done it this way.” If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Let’s listen to what we really want now – in the market, people want connection. Especially with so much online and with digital. We can do a lot now that we don’t need to actually meet up. This still gives us an element of connection. We will always have a need for the human connection. Stories are a great way to do it. Just be flexible in how you sell. Be human, flexible and step outside the box a little and trust that we can do this in a conversation.


Types of businesses she works with?

She’s worked in a huge and diverse group of industries and sectors. Sometimes you’re an expert in certain industries. She’s actually more interested in the people vs. the industry they work in – that’s her methodology.


Jules has two ideal clients: 

  1. SME (small medium enterprise, 250 people max, not big but 90%+ companies in the UK that are SME and is a massive market), small teams that are more entrepreneurial.

  2. Entrepreneurs/solopreneurs. Both are open to being flexible and open to trying new things. It’s bold to go outside the industry but you get a lot of value from having a different perspective.

In your sales training, do you incorporate marketing into the program?

Yes. The most interesting thing is to get marketing people on sales calls. Even more interesting is marketing, sales and customer service are almost one thing. It’s about the customer experience now. Absolutely needs to go across departments. The challenge is getting the leaders and corporate people to accept it.

It’s the consistency that the buyer needs and the client needs to see – it’s reassuring.

Public Speaking – TEDx Brighton

In UK it’s one of the largest in Europe, 1500 attendees. She had 7 days to prepare to do her 15 minute talk. She chose to tell her story which was a smart move .That helped with the 7 day prep time. It was very much about her story and her journey. Massive response to it, inspired people to take action.


Speaker Journey

Doing more speaking now. She would travel for speaking opportunities. Been in Boston for training but would love to get more opportunities. She’s very passionate about the bringing the fresh approach to sales Live It. Love It. Sell it.  Sales and putting humanity back into sales.

The humanity part feeds into her talks now. Just developed acronym as part of Live it, love it sell it








Never assume

Integrity (work with integrity)

Trust (build trust)

You (it's not about you)

What do you want people to remember about Live It. Love It. Sell It.?

It’s about remembering to be you. We may have been trained to not be us in sales. She almost wants to untrain anyone who’s been trained. People Trust in who you are. Everyone is unique. It’s the uniqueness that people connect with and buy. It’s almost having the courage to be true you. Big message with live it, love it, sell it.

If you met me, you’d recognize me from how I write my posts, how I do my videos and write my emails. I want someone to meet me in real life and it feels like they already know me from my online presence. If you can say something to someone online you should be able to say the same thing in person.

What is one thing you want people to know about you that they may not already know?

Jules plays the clarinet (since age 7, her first love) and saxophone (started at age 21 and now has a black nickel alto sax – and she still has her clarinet from 14 years ago!). 

One last thing to people should know about your business:

Live It. Love It. Sell It. is a book. If interested in the methodology, it’s a great entry point in what she talks about and believes in. You can buy it via her website (link below). It's a great resource to have and keep on your desk as a reference point. There are 24 exercises throughout the book at various places – core values, why you do what you do, etc.

My 3 take aways from my conversation with Jules:

  1. The Live It. Love It. Sell It. methodology is based on human connections. If you’re looking for a place to start loving sales, start with how to create connections with your clients and customers. 

  2. When you incorporate storytelling into your conversations with clients, you are creating a human connection with something familiar to them, about an experience which helps connect the dots in the marketing and sales process.

  3. Be yourself. It’s the easiest and most reliable thing you can be whether you’re in sales, marketing or any other specialty.

How is Jules is Connecting the Dots between Marketing and Sales?

As with anything sales, you need marketing. The human connection starts with understanding WHO your ideal client is and how to create a connection with them. It goes back to the 'know, like, trust, buy' process that people go through before choosing you. Jules connects the dots through communicating and connecting on LinkedIn and speaking opportunities. It's through those interactions that she creates awareness of her mission. If you haven't watched her TEDx presentation, I recommend you do that. You can find a link via her website. 

Now, that activity I mentioned 😊

This is for a chance to receive a FREE copy of Jules's book Like It. Love It. Sell It. And it's simple!

I'll create a post on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 asking for your stories. The question will be:

What has been your most memorable, scariest (or even ridiculously funny I-can't-believe-I-did-that) sales moment?


What Jules and I are going to do:

Everyone who participates by Tuesday, September 10 will get their name put into a random drawing for a chance to win a FREE copy of Jules's book. 

Why are we doing this? 

To share sales stories and show people the different types of stories but also to hep make sales easier. When you have real, practical examples, it's easier to relate to and understand. And to have fun! 

Jules and I will then do a round up Zoom video from Q&As and post on both of our YouTube channels. Pretty cool, right? We think so!! And we're looking forward to creating a follow-up video for you. 

So, go follow us on LinkedIn - Jules White and Vicki O'Neill. Then watch for the post on Wednesday!

Connect with Jules on the following

  1. LinkedIn 

  2. Website

  3. Speaker Website

Marketing Rebellion book by Mark Schaefer

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