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Episode 39: 

The Our Shawn McBride, Business Ownership Attorney, Speaker

Show Notes:


Shawn is a corporate attorney by training and studied Business Law for 20 years. His clients are those who have ownership and control of their business, partnership agreements, capital raise, mergers, contracts, corporate transactions. 

Shawn's goal is to try and get out in front of people before they need a business attorney. Most of the time, people are already down the path of having a business plan, partnerships. He's looking for proactive people who are ahead of their business plan and have a solid foundation for growth.

What's the history of your name?

As speaking, there were other speakers with the name Shawn McBride. Started using his first initial R. his audience started using “Our” so he evolved his brand and mixed it into his marketing and claimed the name.

Branding, you have to be unique and different. Put that into your business plan. Uses his name and suits as a differentiator. Do business differently. Starts the conversation and ties into a deeper message. How you do business and what you do differently in your business.

How do you differentiate yourself in your business?

People have certain pre-conceived notions about attorneys. Almost with every speaking gig, someone says to him afterwards that he’s not like every other attorney.

He’s not the traditional attorney. He thinks bigger, connects with people, shares how your business plan is going to work, tells you what the investors may or may not think about what you are presenting and if you want someone to help you with he bigger picture, Shawn helps business owners with that perspective.

Who would be you ideal client?

A business owner who is proactive and puts some work into their business ahead of time. Ideal client is someone who is sitting there actually thinking about their business, makes business part of their life and has set bigger goals. Sometimes it looks like a first or second time business owner, someone who knows what they are doing and knows they need to structure it from the beginning.

As a business lawyer, licensed in the state where business is licensed or where the transaction is happening. He has 14 licenses so he can practice in a lot of states. Mostly US but also works with International businesses.

How do you market yourself across so many states and areas of expertise?

Uniqueness. He does a lot of writing, appears on a lot of shows, speaking opportunities. He gives people a glimpse behind the scenes and that helps. People see him speak and call him 2-3 years later when they need someone. They remember him from speaking at a conference. He also creates a connection with his audience so he’s memorable.

How do you evolve the relationship to trust?

He speaks and encourages people to stay connected through LinkedIn, email (business law updates), YouTube channel, new information on the law, if he notices a trend in what new clients are coming to him for, he’s proactive and gets that information out there and in front of people. That keeps the pipeline going. Some is controllable and some of it isn’t. 

What about your practice do your ideal clients not know about you but should?

Proactiveness, planning with business owners and they are up and running making money then meets with owners to talk through what they should do when they retire or something happens to them. He wants to prepare the family for the business and the lifestyle they want now and also when the owner takes the next step (including if there are business partners).

He would really like more people to call and say “Let’s put this plan together so we can really protect this wealth and type of lifestyle of the family.”

What are the 3 lessons to make your sales process easier through marketing?

Sales and marketing are connected – more people are understanding that.

  1. Know who your prospects should be – who do you serve, who do you serve well, what do they look like ‘avatar’, who do you go after, tailor to market to them to get into your sales message, messaging to too broad of a crowd, they just don’t understand it His ICA: Business owner, proactive, planning, growth over long period of time

  2. Communicate you fixed their problem I know who you are prospect, I have the tools to fix your problem, I can bring you that solution – through articles, in communications you have, testimonials

  3. Be consistent in your messaging – you don’t want to flip around every week and change your message, - instead 'this is who I work with, this is how I help them’, stay consistent with that, specific to the various areas you focus on

You bring those things together you’ll find the people you want to work with, they’ll know what you do, you’ll build the trust factor and they’ll remember you when it’s time.

It’s something you have to test, try and fail – it doesn’t happen overnight, you have to have patience and as your knowledge and market changes you need to change as well. Stay tuned to it, have an outside perspective so they can provide a clearer understanding that brings new information to the table.

Where to connect with Shawn online:

The Our Shawn McBride on LinkedIn 

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