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business tools

Whether you're:

1) Just starting out 

2) An existing business OR

3) Ready to scale fast

...this list is for you!

There are SO many tools to choose that the evaluation process can be daunting. As a small business or a business looking to grow, you want to keep your costs down so the more FREE tools you can use to take your business to the next level the better!

I developed this list to help you find what you're looking and have different categories to help narrow the choices depending on your budget, business size and needs. 

I've been in business for over two decades - working for companies and owning my own - and am recommending these apps as a way to simplify needs at minimal cost to you. In other words, get the most for your dollar!! 

You can click the image and view the spreadsheet by Business Size and includes a list of tools/apps that are free/low cost and for various categories so you can on-board quickly.

Click the button to go to the Google Docs spreadsheet. It includes Medium and Large Businesses, too. 

 Tools - Business Size 

Business Tools Spreasheet

If you are using a tool that's not listed and you think it would be valuable to share with other entrepreneurs, small businesses or any business, send me a message with the information!

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