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"Blue Ocean" Leads

Vicki O'Neill Cincinnati Marketing and Sales

Tip 8: Identify the need by asking "blue ocean" questions.

Have you ever paid attention to the number of people who have their real estate license? I know a handful off the top of my head - including one new person whom I'm helping with his marketing.

The reason I ask is that how does one realtor differentiate their brand from the other? Aren't all realtors building relationships with intent to win the listing opportunity and to help them find their new home?

In working with a new realtor, I was thinking about the different options he has for standing out among all the other realtors, especially those who have been in the business for a long time and are already well known and selected by home buyers and sellers. He's mapped out a great customer experience and already sold a couple of homes. All after being a licensed agent for only three months! BUT, how can he stand out when there are so many other choices?

I started thinking about this and realized he needs to go a step deeper, go beyond the decision to sell a home and before considering to contact a realtor. What do home sellers do BEFORE they even talk to a realtor? Get their house ready to sell. And that requires home improvement supplies. And making home improvements means trips to Home Depot, Lowes or local home improvement stores. So, why not find a way to get his name in those locations? That's Blue Ocean thinking.

Now, consider your brand and target audience. Go beyond where they are searching for you today. What triggers them to even begin that search? Something bigger and more significant occurs before the search begins. There's a problem. What triggers finding a solution - and before a buyer makes the decision to research options, search online or visit your and your competitors websites? That exercise "leads" to blue ocean thinking. And this is where Marketing can create a compelling message and story to help Sales bring in a different kind of lead.

So, what is "blue ocean" thinking anyway? This is when buyers are motivated by their problems and/or opportunities. Problems are a motivational factor so this occurs earlier in the journey when there is little to no competition, or a blue ocean. And because buyers are early in their decision making process, this creates a greater and higher value opportunity for you to generate interest and win their business before they even consider other options. A "red ocean" is when there is a plethora of options and a highly competitive area.

Here are 3 questions that will help you identify the early stage of the buyer's journey:

  1. What has to happen in the prospect's situation that triggers them to start this journey?

  2. Where are these prospects going (online and/or brick and mortars) before they determine to start searching for me?

  3. Where do they go online to educate themselves on the problem, options and solution?

With Marketing's help developing an intriguing visual and copy targeted to this unique but highly influential niche, it will provide Sales with a higher value opportunity to win. These "blue ocean leads" can be educated, nurtured and guided through your buyer's journey with your knowledge, experience and influence.

Any thoughts or ideas on how ready these leads are to close? Comment below!

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