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Back to Basics

Vicki O'Neill Cincinnati Marketing Sales

With so much focus on the fast pace of business and technology - and how we can "stay ahead" of the competition - we often lose sight of how we got to where we are. Or more importantly, why that matters in the direction we are headed.

Whether you're in Marketing, Sales or a unique blend of both there's a core fundamental need to understand how your role and team cohesively exist and why the contributions you own individually impact the company overall.

Back to basics is about returning to the reason you are in your role, why you chose that company and the direction you will make for your career path.

Evaluate the essentials to your role - are they marketing or sales? Even the roles that have "marketing & sales" in the title are not a true blend of both but have focus in one area over the other. If you are more "marketing", how can you become more "sales"? And vice versa - if you're sales how can you become more marketing?

Since every company and job is different, there's no one way to integrate the roles with a list of to-do's. Instead, evaluate your role and that of the other team and develop a strategy with how to better integrate the two teams.

The goal? To have a more cohesive marketing and sales team that's right for YOUR company and works toward YOUR goals. Why NOT start now?

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