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Grow Your Business with Twitter

Twitter is the original social media platform for B2B professionals to connect and engage with their audience.

In fact, Twitter was the first to use the hashtag (#) to group Tweets together AND reach an audience BEYOND your connections.

Although it started out as 140 characters, it has grown to 280 characters - a unique attribute amongst the social platforms.

With 330M active users Twitter is still an engaging and intriguing platform as it was when it first launched in 2006.

Tweets are like the headline to a newspaper or billboard. It's what you want someone to see that hooks them to your message then a call-to-action (CTA) that helps them take the next step in their buyer journey.

If you're ideal customers are on Twitter, it's a great platform for Tweeting, Re-Tweeting (RT), replying and DMing to stay connected.

The video above reviews 9 ways you can grow your business on Twitter while leveraging the scheduling feature to best manage your time online (and to avoid the overwhelm).

Watch the video then let me know below in the comments what has been the most helpful way you've used Twitter to grow your business.

Vicki O'Neill is a Marketing Strategist and Coach in Ohio who helps small business leaders create a revenue-focused marketing strategy that aligns with business goals. She helps connect the dots between target customer pain points and solutions. Vicki founded KenKay Marketing in 2011, started her marketing and sales podcast Connect the Dots in 2018 and launched a 2nd podcast The Power of 3Xin 2019 with her Gen Z daughters. Connect with Vicki on social media wherever you spend time. Join her community and receive marketing tips that you can take action on immediately!



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