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Vicki O'Neill Cincinnati Marketing and Sales

A couple of weeks ago, HubSpot released their 2017 State of Inbound report. This report in particular is extremely valuable as it focuses on priorities, challenges and alignment of Marketing AND Sales - together and separately. It's a great report available to anyone to download on HubSpot's State of Inbound website..

Honing in on the Sales Challenges section, there are 13 identified by survey respondents. I'm focusing this post on the top challenge (38% of respondents): getting prospects to respond.

With the various platforms and communication options, this isn't a surprise. With so many choices, they may become desensitized to the options you offer, simply due to choice overload.

There is a solution, however. And that's incorporating marketing into your prospecting.

Regardless of the communication path you've provided (email, call, social reply, etc.) it's all about the message and action you want the prospect to take. The message is the intrigue or compelling part that will get their attention. The action is what you want them to do - converting the interested prospect into a new conversation. Here's an example (using email as an example):

Catchy Subject line: Can I make your life 20% easier?

Email message: If I provided you with the basic infrastructure of what you need to help gain extra time, would you go for it? <INSERT what you will provide, share, do that will make them more productive, efficient, accurate and create time for them to do other things>

If you said yes, what's holding you back? <INSERT examples that will lead to them providing details on other priorities, resources, budget, in other words "time suckers" that will help you identify how you communicate with them next>.

Call to action: To save you time, let's chat first. Click here to schedule a 5 minute phone call. If you think we can help your business <INSERT problem you are solving>, we will schedule a meeting. If not, you will have my contact information for future needs.

An intriguing subject line gets someone's attention.

By personalizing the email, the focus is on value. Who doesn't want that?

Comment below on what subject lines have worked for you - and those that have not. Both types are equally educational.


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