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How Do You Know?

Marketing and advertising dollars consist of resources, time and money. On a P&L the expense is associated with your marketing/advertising budget and is associated to where your brand is being displayed, i.e. media channels. But these placements/posts can’t be done alone. Any type of advertising of your brand requires someone (salary) and someone’s time (salary broken down) – both equate to spending money.

Based on your resource availability (this could be you), how do you know where you should post your brand’s content, i.e. spend marketing dollars? Do you only post on Twitter and Facebook – because they are the two channels you most commonly use or perhaps you think are the two most commonly referenced of your target customers?

Who is your target audience? And what are you trying to accomplish as a business? Are you engaging with your audience? How effective is your communication and call-to-action?

Bottom line: The goal for every business is to make money. From this point forward, every business is unique.

So, how good are you at determining why you are doing what you’re doing? How do you know your brand is in the right place, with the right message generating the right response at the right time?

If you don’t know the answers, you’re not alone. A lot of businesses don’t understand nor have time to think about this. They are focused on running their business and working with their customers (as they should be!).

If you could be more effective with your marketing expenses and generate more business as a result, would you do it?

The most important thing most businesses overlook when they join social networks is WHY they should be on that particular channel. How do you know those channels directly connect your target audience and drive your business goals? Try this:

  • Take a step back.

  • Evaluate your business goals (are you on target for meeting each?)

  • Is the marketing platform driving results for each of your goals?

Our marketing model will help identify where you should be represented as well. We just need a few pieces of information then you’ll know for sure!

Contact us and we’ll get this solidified for you.


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