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Every Business Is Mobile

It’s true.

Your business name can be found one way or another from a mobile device – through search, direct navigation to your website, email, social media, etc. And the eight seconds it takes for someone to form their first impression of your business is critical. Those eight seconds forms an opinion about your business – for existing customers and prospects – and quickly answers the question “do I want to engage with this business?” Check your website using Google's test tool.

What’s interesting is the number of businesses who aren’t embracing mobile and what their presence says about their brand. This media channel isn’t the future. It’s now.

So how can businesses ensure their mobile brand presence aligns with their overall brand presence? Here are 3 things you should check:

  1. Company website (direct navigation) Is the display a scaled down version of your website that you have to pinch and scan OR is it displayed so you can read content without pinching and scanning? The latter is best. In fact, Google said there was a 4.7% increase in mobile-friendly websites before the April 21, 2015 release of “Mobilegeddon”. Yet, there are still businesses who have not yet updated the website.

  2. Search Conduct a search on your mobile device with keywords specific to your business. Does your website have “Mobile-friendly” displayed? If not, your website is not responsive, in other words not formatted for mobile devices. “Mobile-friendly” won’t display on desktop searches, only mobile devices.

  3. Email Send yourself an email as if you were a customer. Open it on your mobile device. How does it display? As of March 2015 45% of emails are opened via mobile compared to 36% on a desktop. If your email isn’t displaying for a mobile device, you may be losing subscribers. Before switching email vendors, check to see if, and when, they will be updating their platform.

If you are already have a mobile presence that caters to mobile users, you are where you should be for today. Your customers may already expect you to have your finger on the pulse with "what's next" and want a great user experience with your brand.

Are you ready?


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