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Don't Be A Commodity

Vicki O'Neill, Pens Commodity

There are many conversations online and in-person about how to differentiate yourself from others in your space. Mostly about personal branding. But so many other conversations through podcasts, social media posts, videos and blogs.

I know this is especially true in the marketing space. Almost anyone can be a marketer, right? With technology and access to so much information online - free and paid - it makes the idea of being a marketer that much easier.

Take the image of all the pens I included with this post. If I need a writing utensil, they all are a solution. Those are all the marketers in my example.

But now I need to sign an official document that requires black ink. That narrows down the choices. That would correspond to a marketer who specializes in paid advertising vs all marketers.

From my selection of black ink pens, which one do I use? I use the one that's most comfortable to write with - the grip. That correlates to the specific paid advertising type, i.e. Facebook ads.

Now I consider the ease and smoothness of how the pen writes on paper when I sign my name. That correlates to the personality of a Facebook Ads marketer.

I narrowed down my choices from all marketers, i.e. all pens, by process of elimination based on my criteria to a specific marketer, i.e. pen.

That's how you can stand out from the competition. Identify your market then hone in on various skills/needs, etc. of what you do and apply your expertise, personality and other criteria important to you, to your model.

Your personal brand is unique to you and ONLY YOU. Tap into what makes you unique and incorporate it into what you do.

People like working with people they easily get along with and can easily talk to and work with. By identifying the UNIQUE YOU, you will identify how you are NOT a commodity but a person with a passion for paid marketing in particular Facebook ads, in my example.

So keep in mind that while it may seem like you are in a crowded space, there is only ONE YOU. You are unique and offer something that no one else can possibly offer - and that's yourself. You have your own voice, way with words,

With that you won't become a commodity! Let your uniqueness shine and always incorporate your personal brand and personality into what you do.

I would love to hear what differentiates you in your space! Continue the conversation below!


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