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3 Ways to Take Your Digital Marketing from Good to Great

Vicki O'Neill Cincinnati Digital Marketing

The first step is to know your end goal. Then you evaluate your current state and map a strategy that gets you to your desired state.

There are multiple ways you can take your digital strategy to the next level. The path you take really depends on the following:

1. Your goals

2. Your ideal customer persona (ICP)

3. Where your ICP spends time

4. Your resources/manpower

5. Your budget

6. The findings from your evaluation

While your strategy will be specific to your needs, goals and business, below are 3 ways any business can take their business to the next level.

  1. Know what you want to accomplish: know what goal you're working towards. For example, if your goal is to create awareness of a new product launch or new initiative, or increase lead quality and volume, increase sales or keep consistently create content around your brand so it's a reminder of the value you bring to your prospects and customers. A content strategy is extremely helpful in planning this out as well as being intentional and consistent.

  2. Know who you want to reach: You may have one or two ICPs or you may have many. Your goal of increasing leads may only be applicable to one of your ICPs. In this case, create a more specific, relevant strategy to reach those personas and it will increase your response rate. I share an example of this in Episode 3 of my Connect the Dots podcast. If you don't have any ICPs yet, I included a link to a template to help get you started and a list of interview questions you can use as a starting point for identifying your ICPs.

  3. Develop a strategy that supports your goal and your ICP: knowing where your ICP is spending time will increase engagement opportunities. Create various content pieces that attract your ICP along various entry points on their customer buying journey. Not everyone enters the journey at the same point, at the same time or with the same level of intent or urgency to buy. By create ICP specific content, it becomes "sticky" which will lead them back to your website when they are ready to take the next step in their buying process.

If you aren't sure where to begin, the first step is evaluate your current state. You can't create content, an ICP, a strategy to move forward if you don't understand what is currently working and not working.

As part of the current state evaluation, look at your Google Analytics, competition, social media posts, engagement and compare with what you want to achieve across all your digital real estate. Are you achieving goals, exceeding expectations or not even close?

Identify the gaps, develop a strategy to move your business towards the goals you want to achieve. If you need help, that's where I come in. Let's get you going!


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