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Best Marketing Advice Ever

Start before you're ready.

OK, I gave it all away at the beginning. I just tried something new!

The key to marketing or anything new is to start before you're ready.

Have a general plan or idea where you want to go, why you're starting or what you want to talk about, but the best advice I can ever give someone about marketing is to be like Nike and Just Do It.

Whether you want to try a new platform like TikTok or start posting content on Instagram Stories or to start Live Streaming on YouTube, set up your profile and just start posting.

Everyone knows and understands that the first time you're on any platform your presence or content is going to lack the professional skills and engagement of someone who's been active for years.

I recently discovered this video from Mel Robbins on the 5-Second Rule. It's a great quick watch - and must be good since it has nearly 900k views! She talks about the importance of taking action. The 'just do it' psychology.

When we think about something too long without actually doing anything, the inaction prevents us from progress.

Who wants that?

Here's an example of mine. Using TikTok as an example, I created an account and video just to go through the experience of doing so. I had been watching videos and the light bulb came on "what if one of my clients need to be on TikTok?" I need to make sure I understand how it works in order to share information on why it might be valuable to a client. So I created a video. Of my cats. Outside. And it's SO boring! But I did it - and that's what's important.

Another example is when I decided to start doing LIVE video streaming on YouTube. I screwed up on my first LIVE which I talk about here. And you'll notice the delivery is less than desirable and the nervousness is there. Here's the good thing: I knew I'd get better over time. And getting that first one done got me thinking about HOW I could become better. Without the actual experience of going LIVE I wouldn't have anything to work with!

Listen to any 'pro' in their space and they will tell you it wasn't all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips at the beginning (if they do, they are lying to you).

In fact, go back to their first post, blog, video and see the difference. Do you see it? It's there!

The point: If you've been contemplating taking action on something but just haven't taken that first step, now is the time. I dare you 😉

Vicki O'Neill is a fractional CMO in Ohio who helps small businesses go from plateau to grow. The problem she solves for small business owners is visibility resulting from lack of relevant marketing and engagement with the target customer. She founded KenKay Marketing in 2011, started the marketing and sales podcast, Connect the Dots, in 2018 and launched a 2nd podcast, The Power of 3X, in 2019 with her Gen Z daughters. Connect with Vicki on social media wherever you spend the most time. Subscribe to the weekly email for more!


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