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'Scope It. Blab It. Blog It.

As the live video streaming landscape grows, there’s more opportunity for brands to broadcast their message and engage with their audience in real time and immediately following. Can you think of any brand who could leverage this combo? I can!

Although I’m relatively new to the relatively new video streaming platforms Periscope and Blab, a few things I’ve learned about how businesses can leverage both platforms:

  1. Scope It — Engage with customers on a new level by using Periscope to capture an event live for customers, prospects and partners who couldn’t attend an event. Leverage Twitter to communicate your live broadcast and interact with colleagues, customers, prospects and partners at the event. The video is stored for 24 hours so if you want someone to see the video who isn’t available at the live viewing time (especially time zone differences) they can watch it later. Send them the link separately. At the end of the video, let your captive audience know you’re taking the conversation to Blab and to join you (state immediately following or at a specific time)

  2. Blab It — After the Periscope stream, jump on Blab. Let your Twitter and other followers know the plan. Continue the conversation with relevant people whether they are customers you want to solicit feedback, perhaps on a new service you just announced. Invite others request to “call in” or join the vacant “seat”. Have someone manage the live chat feed, answering questions, etc. The live chat feed is great for asking others questions, making new connections and possibly an IRL meeting! Also, a new feature of Blab is being able to embed the LIVE stream on your website. How awesome is that?! Keep your audience on your website? Does it get any better?! Well, yes, it does. Blab saves your video (forever right now!) so you can always direct people to it.

  3. Blog It — You now have a great experience and engagement to share. You should also have some great feedback, tools to share, enhancement ideas, etc. that you can summarize in a blog post. Guess what you can do now? Share it everywhere else! Take a compelling piece of the post and share it on Twitter directing them to your blog. Do the same on YouTube (you can upload the Blab video to YouTube right after you end it. Wait, what? Yeah, that’s right!) and Facebook and Medium and…you get the point. And creating one piece of written content can be re-purposed across multiple platforms that drives traffic to your website and new engagement for your brand.

  4. To download Periscope: Apple Android To download Blab: NOTE: As of August 2016, Blab was shut down by its creators. Apple Android - Not available yet on Google Play (responsive site, save to desktop


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