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Business Tools to Start or Grow Your Brand in 2019

Business Tools for Growth in 2019

There are an infinite number of solutions for any number of business needs whether you're just starting out, in the initial growth mode or an existing business that wants to take your business to the next level.

When you search online for solutions, often times you find a major list and it's still difficult to navigate and figure out what you are trying to find.

I came up with these different lists of business tools in an effort to simplify the process. Yes, there is ONE version of the list that shows all 90 solutions BUT there are two other lists that break it down into a manageable view to process, review and research.

To help narrow the choices - and in an effort to minimize the pain of finding a particular solution - I created a separate spreadsheet for each of the following scenarios:

1. Alphabetical Listing - 90 different tools with varying purposes from website building, social media tracking, lead generation forms, video editing, online calendar scheduling, webinars, create your own images....and the list goes on!

2. By Category - I narrowed the focus to 15 categories then further narrowed to the top 2 apps in each of the 15 categories. These apps are ones I've used, seen influencers and thoughts leaders use (and swear by) or used by a colleague/collaborator in one of my Mastermind groups.

3. By Business Size - I created a "must have" list of business resources for start-ups, small business, medium size businesses. I considered tools that offer a free version initially and allows growth as your business grows - with or without a fee. So, yes, there is a column in this spreadsheet that shows FREE vs PAID.

I've been wanting to get this list out there F O R E V E R and I just needed to be like Nike and "Just Do It" :)

You can access each list from the Business Tools Page or click any of the three options above to go directly to that list.

The purpose of these spreadsheets is to be a LIVING document that will be updated as more or new information is available (or tried!). I'm getting ready to use a lead gen app, Click Funnels, for the first time that a colleague recommended. Wish me luck!

If you have recommendations or solutions you swear by, drop me a note below!


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