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Sales Suffer from Lack of Content

Wait what?

Nearly two-thirds of sales people can't find what they need. Anyone else find that stat alarming? This stat was a result of this survey by Kapost, and refers to content sales reps need to send to prospects.

The question becomes: how many sales is the rep and company missing out on if sales doesn't have the necessary information needed for a prospect to make an educated and timely decision? Another question: is the competition giving them what they need?

There are a lot of questions to ask around why so many sales reps can't find content. They have access to this thing called the Internet, right? (I'm being facetious ;)) I've been a sales rep so I can say that.

BUT for sales people it's about having the RIGHT content, RELEVANT content...that COMPELLING piece of content that's going to create that 'Aha!' moment. It's also about providing information that the prospect better understands how your brand is different or showcasing a similar customer success story that's relatable. It's providing content that shows how and why your brand can solve their specific problem.

Is all THAT content available? And if so, does your sales team have access to it?

If so, do they know where it is so they can use it? If not, take the lead and collaborate with sales to create what they need.

Sales people can find and create their own content. But that takes them away from building relationships, nurturing their leads and having meaningful conversations that LEAD TO the sale. Those are all activities that will generate business.

And, let's face it: we need marketing to create the content so there's a consistent voice, message and branding so prospects understand the total package and value you provide.

So, dig a little deeper by asking your sales team if they have the content they need. When was the last time you asked? It will most likely be a welcome surprise that leads to a high value conversation that was much over due.

As a marketer, if sales doesn't have what they need, help them create it. The end result of marketing and sales working together is a win/win for everyone involved. And ultimately the company (and think: job security :))

Share your thoughts on this topic from a marketing, sales or business owner perspective. I love having conversations with people and having it here will provide a constant resource to refer to when and if needed.


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